Krishna Chandelier Earrings

When you feel like going out dancing with your friends, throw on these three-inch chandelier earrings. They're dramatic enough to match your out-on-the-town dramatic eyeshadow, but not so loud that they take away from your awesome dance moves. Plus, they jangle and catch the light as you bop to the music.

$5.80, Forever 21

Fancy Chandelier Pillowcase Set

Use these pillowcases printed with chandelier silhouettes, and maybe you'll have dreams of fancy masquerade balls (try the finger food--it's calorie-free!). Or maybe you'll get one of the great dreams I've had a few times where you find a fabulous secret room in your apartment.

$24.00, Urban Outfitters

Your Best Shot Designer Bedding Set

Know what I find relaxing? Archers. Yep. And fleur-de-lis. Seriously, though, how rocking is this duvet with matching shams? And it's soft: it's made of 300-thread-count Egyptian cotton. I also enjoy the set with skulls and a chandelier.

$255.00, Bunny Maxwell

Chandelier Pendant

This cool necklace, designed by Rain Harris (a.k.a. "Lusterbunny"), is made of porcelain and available in 10 different colors. It hangs on a 16-inch chain and reminds me of some kind of big fruit-flavored Mentos. Fresh goes better! (Whatever that means.)

$30.00, Etsy

Brocade Frames

Here's an elegant way to display your favorite four-by-six snapshots. The white one is covered in a black brocade pattern, and the black one has white chandelier silhouettes. I like the way they look together.

$12.99 each, Bed Bath & Beyond

Chandelier Wall Art

This silver shiny chandelier wall decal is pretty great, although I think it would be even cooler if it were twice as big. (It's a little under 10 inches wide.) I am harboring fantasies of painting my bedroom maroon and sticking several of these to the walls.

$29.99, ModCloth

Victorian Soap Dish

This ornate soap dish helps me imagine that I have an enormous bathroom with a chandelier and some velvet-draped chaise longues. Never mind that, in reality, my toilet is about two inches from the tub. $30.00, Anthropologie

3-D Chandelier

This is just two black wooden boards cut in the shape of a chandelier silhouette, but the effect is stunning. It looks like modern art. (One note: you'll need to buy the separate cord kit for $10.)

$36.00, Urban Outfitters