Freebies in NYC

If you're in the New York area, there are freebies to be had. Lucky Magazine and Sephora are hosting an event on this Thursday, September 18 at the Soho store on 555 Broadway from 5-7 p.m. Renato Almeida, a makeup artist from Shiseido, will be on hand to give free consultations, and they'll be giving away free Lucky makeup bags filled with Shiseido samples. Click here for more info, or go here to RSVP.

Maybelline Define-A-Lash Mascara

This mascara is pretty amazing. It has a weird looking wand, but it really lengthens lashes big time. And it manages to keep lashes from clumping together. I particularly like the waterproof formula.

$7.99, Walgreens

Geneva Fabric Satchel

Is this what handbags look like in the jungle? In any case, I like this leafy bag made of printed canvas and brown leather. It makes me wish I was at a resort wearing an oversize beach hat. The bag is 14-inches wide and about seven inches tall.

$98.00, Fossil

Fever Eyelet Top

This sleeveless eyelet top looks fresh and summery, like newly mowed grass. It's casual enough to wear to a friend's barbecue. But it's also put-together enough that you could pair it with white pants and metallic sandals, and wear it on a date. It also comes in white.

$68.00, Nordstrom

80’s Cube Clock

I'll be honest. I didn't like the Rubik's Cube. I also didn't like anyone who was good at solving the Rubik's Cube. But I do like this alarm clock. When you just twist the top, the display changes. Depending on which side you flip to, it shows the time, temperature, and date.

$22.00, Fred Flare

Handprint Canvas

This is a cool way to decorate your place while displaying some family pride. (It's also a nice Father's Day gift.) You get these four 10-inch colored canvas squares and matching paint. Then you and hubby and the kids slather a hand in paint and make some art.

$42.00, Red Envelope

Hollow Vase

This vase by Haruki Senda, which is designed to hold a single flower, is actually more like an outline of a vase. The flower almost seems to float in air. The vase is made of laminated bamboo and a glass tube. It's 10 inches tall.

$55.00, MoMA Store

Cluster Hoop Earrings

These hoops are fun. They look kind of fruity, with their dangly cluster of bright orange beads. You know, sort of Chiquita Banana chic. But don't walk around with a bowl of fruit on your head, though. Because that's just weird.

$29.00, Banana Republic

Late-For-Dinner Plates

I am gaga over these floral melamine dinner plates. I like how they all share the same Spring-y green, orange, and black color scheme, but each one has a different pattern. Because they're plastic, they'd be great for serving up a meal on the patio.

$24.00, Anthropologie

BareMinerals True Gold Glimmer

This eyeshadow really dresses up eyes for nighttime. When worn alone, it gives eyelids a peachy-gold sparkle that's not overly flashy. You can also layer it over other eye colors as a highlighter or to give a matte shade some glimmer.

$13.00, Sephora

Vince Camuto Manta Platform Peep Toe

Granted, if you're like me, you might need a special occasion to wear three-inch platform gold metallic shoes. But, seriously, how awesome are these? I could see myself wearing them on the boardwalk with some white wide-leg linen pants. I also sort of see myself twisting my ankle, but never mind that.

On sale for $99.95, Solestruck

Fever Scoop Neck Tee

This top looks very cool. I think I could maybe actually wear this sleeveless T-shirt on the subway in the summer and not turn into a sweaty mess. Maybe. Plus, the ruching and asymmetric bow on the shoulder keeps it from looking like a boring T-shirt. It also comes in black and green.

$58.00, Nordstrom

Flower Ring

Here's a flower ring with some bling. Each petal is a faceted rhinestone. This ring, which is one-inch in diameter, looks about the same color as a lemon Lifesaver. (If only it tasted as good!) It also comes in five other candy-like colors.

$4.80, Forever 21

Lavender Therapeutic Hothouse Comfort Pillows

Hard day? Curl up with one of these babies. They're little 14- by 7.5-inch pillows filled with buckwheat and lavender. You can even toss them in the microwave for a few seconds, and they warm up like heating pads. They come in four varieties, each one decorated with a different botanical silhouette.

$43.95 each, Wrapables

Pop-Out Seeds Jewelry

Okay, I don't totally understand how this jewelry by designer Melissa Borrell works. It's made of stainless steel, and apparently, it comes sort of attached to the rest of the sheet metal and you "pop it out" yourself and put it on the included chain. Although, it sounds a bit complicated, the result is a really funky, almost organic looking jewelry set.

$70.00, MoMA Store